Doxcost - The Ultimate Guide To Health Insurance
Doxcost - The Ultimate Guide To Health Insurance
I Hate Insurance And Other Comments From Twitter

#019 – I Hate Insurance and other comments about health insurance and healthcare are highlighted in a snapshot look at how people view their current situation within the health insurance and healthcare systems as exclaimed on Twitter.

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Lots of angst and anguish can be found on Twitter.  We decided to take a look and see what is really bothering people about  health insurance and healthcare. 

Scott puts "I Hate Insurance" in the search box.  Some comments are amusing, some is unfortunate and some is disturbing.   I respond in an honest and helpful way or at least put things in context.

Lots of people misunderstand health insurance. The tangling of health insurance and healthcare is on full display.

Why You Save By Getting Your Health Insurance Through Your Employer – Episode 3

A  couple of doctors, obviously well-educated, display their ignorance regarding their profession's direct contribution to the "thousands and thousands of dollars insurance companies have convinced people to spend on their health insurance".  Payments to providers (i.e. Doctors, Hospitals, Pharma) are the single largest component of the cost of your health insurance premiums.

How Health Insurance Is Priced – What Makes Up A Dollar of Premium – Episode 11 

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Next up, we'll explain the cancer that is Assignment of Benefits and how that single-handedly takes you out of the loop with your doctor and your insurance.  You won't want to miss it next Thursday!