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When I first started in the insurance business, practically every insurance company in America sold health insurance.  My first employer was Metropolitan Life.  They don’t even refer to themselves as Metropolitan anymore, just Met.  And, like 99% of the companies that used to sell health insurance, Met no longer does.

A lot has changed over the years and so have I.

I’ve worked in every department within the insurance company, including: actuarial and underwriting, compliance, accounting, claims, marketing and even the General Counsel’s office.  I’ve also worked for third-party administrators and as an independent broker, which I remain today.

As an insurance company representative, my main contacts were brokers whose clients were the groups that purchased insurance on behalf of their employees or members.  As a broker, my main contacts are the employers or other sponsors of the health insurance plan.

But, never have my clients been the actual consumers of the health insurance that I sold.  I had little, if any, interaction with the employee or dependent of the employee who is actually utilizing the insurance that I sold.

Until now.

I realized that individual employees were the ones that needed the most help!

I knew the best way for employees and individuals to get ahead was to give them the knowledge and education necessary to win by imparting my experience and the best information available.

I also knew that there exists much (too much) noise, junk and just plain bad information out there – not to mention the status quo approach that perpetuates the wrong-headed decision making process in favor of the providers of health care who ultimately are the recipients of your hard-earned money.

I love the insurance business

Insurance is a valuable and necessary tool for any individual or business.  It’s prudent.  It’s vital.  Insurance makes things work and makes them viable.  Business could not function without the transfer of risk effected by insurance.

I started in the insurance business on the 68th floor of the Amoco Building (now called Aon Center), which you can see here overlooking Grant Park in Chicago. While here, I worked for Metropolitan Life.

I’ve worked for some of the biggest, well-known insurance companies in the business: CIGNA, CNA, Metropolitan and Monumental (now Transamerica).  I also had the chance to partner with L’ Union des assurances de Paris (UAP) from France.

The National Guard Association of the United States was the first major case I wrote with a broker from Minneapolis.  I have handled groups of employers, associations, financial institutions and other affinity groups across the entire United States.

Products I have worked with include major medical, disability income, dental, life, accidental death and all types of supplemental health insurance including Medicare supplement.

Like I said, I do love the insurance business.

Together we’re going to strip away all of the unimportant stuff you may have already learned about health insurance and replace it with only the stuff you need to be concerned with.

I’ll help you choose the right plan for you that probably has a higher deductible than you are used to and I’ll show you why and tell you why it will cost the least year over year.

Join thousands of others just like yourself that want to take control of their health insurance and pay the least amount they have to.


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