What if you could take control of your health insurance, save money and make every bit count so you’re 100% covered now and for many years to come?

Individuals, Solos, 1099s & Employees

You are in expert in what you do. When it comes to health insurance, you need help. You need help from an expert in health insurance. It’s what I do. I’ll show you how you can get the best out of what you spend.


You work hard to set the tone, create the right environment and offer the best benefits. I work with employers to ensure you are offering all of the latest benefits available from all insurance providers – including the not-so-common level funding and health reimbursement arrangements – so that you can control what you spend and get the most for your employees. I give an independent look at what you offer.

Associations & Financial Institutions

Your members and customers look to your organization for innovative solutions that deliver value. I assist associations and financial institutions with offering unique and innovative health insurance solutions that accentuate your brand while mitigating reputation risk.