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Since 1985

Recognized by Aegon’s Monumental General unit for shifting the paradigm and by the former head of CIGNA’s association group business as someone “who will not take no for an answer”, Scott is expert on group health insurance for employers, associations and financial institution sponsors.

Scott is an independent licensed broker.  He has served employers and employees, alike, since 1985 –  on behalf of insurance companies, brokers and third-party administrators.

Beginning with Metropolitan Life serving large employer groups with 200 or more employees; moving on to brokering small group coverage down to 2 lives for a start-up program with American Administrative Group; and covering professional, trade and individual association members at Monumental General, CIGNA and CNA, Scott knows what works and what doesn’t – for large employers to small – in the health insurance marketplace.

Scott is well-versed with all the latest surrounding Association Health Plans.  He first arranged a true-group sponsored health insurance plan for small and mid-size employers in the late 1990s and continues to advise sponsors with AHPs today.

The health insurance landscape has changed markedly  – market consolidation, regulation/oversight, billing/payment schemes, cost shifting and the entanglement of healthcare with health insurance – to name a few things.

Scott has seen quite a bit and is ready to share his knowledge and experience to offer you the best education and information that directly assists you and your employees.

The principles of health insurance remain the same, the need for risk mitigation is just as important and demand for health insurance has never been higher.